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Scandinavian Themed Dinner Meetings - Saturday, September 16th,

Scandinavian Society holds dinner meetings themed for each Nordic country. We start each dinner meeting with presentations and entertainment pertaining to the country for that meeting. We learn about the culture and traditions of Scandinavia, about current events, art, sustainability, history etc. We have guest speakers, member presentations, entertainment, artists...

The dinners are fun, educational and entertaining. The chef usually prepares a few traditional Scandinavian dishes to go along with the main menu.

Next dinner meeting with be the Finnish Themed Dinner.

Location: Maple Knoll Village, 11100 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH at the Auditorium (see directions below).

Time: Saturday September 16th - doors open at 3:30 and meeting starts at 4 p.m. RSVP is required!

Potluck Dinner
Cost: $10.00 for ages 12 and up. Children age 11 and under free

First and foremost we want you to come and enjoy a good afternoon / evening. We have had some fantastic potlucks this year so we decided to keep it going and have another one. Remember, all our events are for everyone. The Nordic countries have lots of similarities but there are also differences and it is always interesting to learn about our neighbors. You are welcome to bring friends and family.

Our Finnish presentations will be:
The Neuvola presented by Tepu Juula-Potticary:
Have you heard of the Finnish baby box? The box filled with clothing, blankets, diapers, books, and all kinds of things a baby needs? Given the number of folks in the US who ask Finns if we slept in boxes as babies, my bet is that you have heard of it! And yes, most Finns have slept in the box their parent received from the government. However, this is not the only miracle of Finnish neonatal care! From when pregnancy is diagnosed until the child is 6 years old their healthcare is in the hands of the Finnish Neuvola system. This year the Neuvola turns 100 years old! It is credited with reducing Finland's neonatal mortality rates from some of the highest in Europe to one of the lowest in the world in a couple of generations. Come learn more!

The Finish Education System presented by Dr. Marita von Weissenberg:
Finland is often credited with having one of the best education systems in the world. They have a different approach to elementary education than what we are used to and Miti is the perfect person to give us insight into how Finland consistently ranks very high in education.

Please RSVP by Tuesday, September 12th to

Directions to the auditorium: Go to 11100 Springfield Pike. Enter the Maple Knoll property at the light from Springfield Pike onto Maple Trace. At the second stop sign turn right on Rock Maple and drive about 1/2 block to 11100 Maple Rock. The entrance has a green awning and a circular drive in front of it. Parking is just south of the entrance. Rock Maple is not a dedicated street and will NOT show on GPS. See less

Dinner Events 2023:
Finnish Dinner (September)
Norwegian Dinner (May)
Swedish Themed Dinner and SSOC Annual Meeting (January)
Danish Dinner (March)
Norwegian Dinner (May)
Finnish Dinner (September)

Dinner Events 2022

Finnish & Icelandic dinner 9/17/2022
Kokko Fall Festival 10/22/2022
Lucia Fest 12/11/2022
Annual Meeting, Swedish Dinner 1/21/2023

Examples of presentations we have had:

-Danish Queen Margrethe II - The Artist
-The Kalevala: The national epic of Finland tells the story of the creation of the world, and the feuds between the people of Kaleva and Väinölä, not to mention Pohjola, a land in the far north.
-Growing up in Nazi occupied Denmark by Johannes Bjørner
-Finnish fashion and textiles by Miti von Weissenberg
-Presentation on "Norwegian Celebrations" by Elisabeth Pettersen Sonoff
-Danish Easter traditions by Hans Tandrup
-Scandinavian furniture design by Skip Wicklund
-Swedish sculptor Carl Milles by Erin Rykhus
-Danish architect Henning Larsen by Lone Soto
-Presentation Rebild National Park Society of Danish National Performance Team by Sune Frederiksen
-Queen Margrethe, the Artist by Lone Soto