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My ancestry is Scott Irish, though a Danish marriage and son (Jason, now 26 years) born in Denmark bound me solidly to the culture.  After 16 years of family and career development in Jylland and Copenhagen, Jason and I returned to Cincinnati in 2001.  We were invited to join the Society (2010) by Past President Eva Nakos, then later invited by Tom Dwyer to step up for election (2012) where I served two terms as President.

Founding Tri.Partners Inc. in 1996 shaped my consulting work of two decades resulting in a patent (HOPS: Hands On Proactive Strategy); and lead to my current work in Quality Assurance.  My hobbies and service blend together –  Dress for Success Mentor; Home Staging;  Eastside Flute Troupe (frequenting Assisted Living facilities); Teacher and Advisor for Youth (12-18 yrs); and Danish / Swedish Translator.

In 2014, I remarried Jim Davitt (of Irish heritage).  Jim embraced my allegiance to Scandinavia and began enjoying active participation in the Society. Upon handing the reins of Presidency of SSOC to Chris Erickson in January 2016, I accepted his appointment as Chair, Culture & Heritage Committee. The Society has, over time, brought me hours of enjoyment and dear friendships for which I am eternally grateful, that continue to bless mine and Jim’s lives.