Secretary – Miti von Weissenberg

Miti (Marita) von Weissenberg was born in Finland and is part of the Swedish-speaking minority of the country. Due to aunts and their husbands emigrating to Sweden and Denmark, she now has a Nordic family tree of cousins and their children. She has visited all the Nordic countries at least once. The extended family congregates in Teisko, just outside Tampere, where her paternal grandmother is from. If you see Miti in her national costume, this is the region it represents. However, Miti grew up mostly in central and eastern Finland, Savonia and Northern Carelia. She completed high school in Helsinki before moving to Turku for seven years to study history at university. In 2006 she and her Canadian husband moved to the US where she completed a PhD in medieval history, focusing on European saints and gender, but with a side of Vikings and other Nordic subjects. She moved to Cincinnati in 2013 and is Assistant Professor in history at Xavier University. Her rare free moments are spent doing textile crafts like knitting or embroidery, or petting her cat. And drinking tea. She is excited to give back to the Scandinavian Society of Cincinnati as Secretary!